Creating commercials is a balance between creativity and strategy. The highest demands in the creative process as well as the production are key for breathtaking images.


Sound design is the third dimension needed to experience a moment. It is key, to emotionalize the movements and structures of visual presentations.

full branding

AVA created a complete audiovisual concept for this client. Based on a comprehensive market and competition analysis produced the brand – and commercial music, the audio logo, the brand voice and a soundscape. This formed the basis on which the visual concept was built and implemented.


Video Produktion

All in one. Building a brand for the artist Bainshe. From composing and producing the music to conceiving and producing the music video. The entire implementation, from the idea to the end product, carried by AVA.


The audio design for the MBFW Fashion Show “Minx by Eva Lutz”. Generating emotions with an audience is a varied task that is exciting. Everything depends on the timing!

Game Audio

Game audio is a strong growing market. Therefore we are proud to offer game sound and VR sound solutions. It is also a completely new way of brand communication and brand experience.


Radio advertising is still one of the most successful communication channels. In recent years, online podcasts have also made it possible to define and address global target groups.